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Web Research Links

The following sections provide information for students and staff to help with ICT integration.

Students, need a good reference site for your research?  Try one of these below ... don't just "google it" or look on "Wikipedia".  Google is a great resource but it is just a collection of material available on the Internet.  Google collects information about all the websites that are out there and then tries to use fancy programs to target specific websites to you when you search.  You should not expect to find useful research information if you just google your topic.  Google is designed to target advertising and marketing information to your searches.  Try one of these below instead.  

The same kind of thing is true about Wikipedia even though it was a great idea when it started.  Unfortunately today, material posted there could have been contributed by anyone from around the world.  Many items on Wikipedia cannot be verified.

The web search pages below contain, for the most part, filtered (safe) material that has a student research focus! (academic subject search that has teacher-reviewed material just right for students)  (great site for Math lessons and help) (a good kid-friendly search site developed by school librarians) (another librarian-filtered web search engine that targets the best sites to student searches)  (Elementary student factoid site from Infoplease (good site) and Pearson Publishers  (try the Columbia Encyclopedia that has 50,000 entries in it!)  (from the Smithsonian Institute that is the world's largest museum and research group)  (classic online dictionary and more!) (great place to start for newspaper fact articles on your research topic)